Summer Program

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Ontario Universities' Application Centre

A student may have their OSR residing at another public, Catholic, or private school while being registered for one or more courses with IMAGI-MINDS. This student will complete an Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) 101 application through their home school. IMAGI-MINDS will require the student to provide us with their OUAC Reference Number (YYYY-######) in order for IMAGI-MINDS course information to be sent to OUAC. IMAGI-MINDS will send all required documentation directly to OUAC on behalf of the student. There is no fee associated with this service.

A student whose OSR resides at IMAGI-MINDS, who is currently earning the OSSD, and who wishes to apply to universities through an OUAC account is considered a 101 applicant. This student may request that IMAGI-MINDS establish a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for them. Once IMAGI-MINDS creates the PIN, it is emailed to the student along with the required information and application instructions. The student then uses this information to log in and create a 101 Application with OUAC. Once the student has applied, all academic information from Grades 11 and 12 will be uploaded to OUAC. IMAGI-MINDS can provide additional guidance to students regarding the application process if required. The fee for this OUAC service is $180. Please note that this fee is separate from any fees that OUAC charges.

For students applying to post-secondary schools outside Ontario or students who are OUAC 105 applicants, IMAGI-MINDS will provide post-secondary institutions a letter of enrolment, midterm report, and a final report. A fee of $30 is applicable for each school requested.

Ontario College Application Service

A student who applies to colleges through will require that IMAGI-MINDS update their account with any courses they are taking at IMAGI-MINDS. The student must submit their Ontario College Application Service (OCAS) Application Number (YY-###-####) or OCAS Account Number to the appropriate Guidance Coordinator at IMAGI-MINDS. IMAGI-MINDS will update the student's account with a letter of enrolment, midterm grade, and final grade upon course completion. The student must add IMAGI-MINDS to the academic information on their OCAS account so that we are able to update the account accordingly.

Please contact with any questions.